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How does your widgets work?

Basic idea

When you use SociableKIT, you permit us to read public data from your data source (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google, etc.). We store it in our system. You let our system display your data to your website. We will never use your data in any way that you have not agreed to.

To put it simply: Your data source > SociableKIT > Your Website. This is how our widgets work. This is the only intention behind using the data of the source that you entered into our system.


For example, you want to display your LinkedIn page posts on your website. You decided to hire a person to copy your posts from LinkedIn manually and then paste it on your website. This person does it every day.

You've essentially given this person permission to do such tasks. Over time, you've discovered that this method is very time-consuming and expensive.

So instead of doing all of that, you decided to use SociableKIT. It allows you to get better results. It is cost-effective, you save time and money.

How to stop it

If you do not like how it works, you need to delete your account. Go to your profile page and click the Delete account button on the lower right corner of the page. You can do it anytime.

After you delete your account, our system will stop working for you. It will not be connected to the data source you've previously entered into our system. We will not be able to use your data anymore.

Technical answer

If you're looking for a more technical answer, like anything related to APIs and programming techniques we are using, unfortunately, we cannot provide it.

Like many companies, some things are confidential. We cannot reveal the technology behind how our system works.

Public data

Anyone, not just SociableKIT, can get any public data that is available on the internet. A person can copy text data from a website and then paste it on his notepad app.

SociableKIT can only get the public data from the source that you entered when you created a widget. We cannot get a large amount of data for you.

Updated on: 08/06/2022

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