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How to use the customization settings?

SociableKIT offers social media feed embedding, not just an ordinary embedding but a unique social media feed embedding service, tailored specifically to meet the preferences, needs, and aesthetic of our clients' websites.

The purpose of this article is to explain how to use the customization settings offered by SociableKIT.

NOTE: The customization settings are only available on the premium trial and paid plans. You can see more information in this link.

The layout changes the arrangement/looks of your feed entirely. There are 5 layouts SociableKIT offers which are List, Masonry, Grid, Carousel, and Month with 2 of the layouts exclusive for Events and Calendar widgets only.

For the REVIEWS widget, check the REVIEWS tab. For the POSTS widget, look under the POSTS tab. For the EVENTS/CALENDAR widget, find it under the FEED tab.

Example screenshot:

The theme are set of colors SociableKIT has ready for our clients. This will also give our clients idea on how to color/design their widget.

You can see the setting under the THEME tab.

Example screenshot:

If you don't like the colors set on the THEME tab, no worries! You can manually adjust the colors of the elements on your widget.

The color settings can be found under the COLORS tab.

Example screenshot:

SociableKIT allows you to change the font if you don't like the default option. Note that not all fonts are available in this setting. However, we offer an Inherit font feature, where the widget's font will match the font used on your website. This feature will take effect once your widget is embedded on your site.

You can find this setting under the FONTS tab.

Example screenshot:

SociableKIT also offers a Custom CSS feature for our developer and CSS-savvy clients. This feature allows for more precisely tailored widgets to match their specific preferences.

You can see how to locate the elements used on our widget in this link.

Example screenshot:

NOTE: Each widget comes with its own set of customization options. If you find that a particular setting isn't available for a specific widget, it means that feature isn't applicable to that widget. However, most of the steps outlined in this article apply to all widgets.

That concludes our guide on using the customization settings. If you have any further questions or help in the customization of your widget, you can contact our support here:

Updated on: 06/11/2024

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