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What is a SociableKIT widget?

A SociableKIT Widget can be called a source, feed, kit, plugin, or solution.

You can view the list of our widgets here.

When you use SociableKIT, you can create, customize and embed different social media feeds and more on your website.

For example:
You created a SociableKIT widget for your Facebook page events. That means you created one SociableKIT widgets.
If you create another SociableKIT widget for example, to your YouTube channel videos. That means, you created two SociableKIT widgets already.

If you need to create another SociableKIT widgets for your other social media feed, that will depends on the subscription plan you will buy.

In KIT 5 plan, you are limited to create 5 SociableKIT widgets only. If your subscription is KIT 10 plan, it means you can create up to 10 SociableKIT widgets. You can use all of them on a single website or in your 10 websites.

Updated on: 08/28/2022

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