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What does unlimited users & websites mean?

Unlimited users means that there's no limit to how many people from your company can sign up and use the widgets. This is great because you can invite your colleagues to help you edit and manage the widgets. It's like having as many seats at the table as you need.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to invite a teammate to use the widgets: Tutorial Link

Now, let's talk about unlimited websites. This means you can use our special code on one website, two websites, or even more. So, if you have a subscription to our Business KIT 3 plan, you can create up to 3 Business KIT widgets. And guess what? Each of these widgets can be used on different websites. It's like having a magic tool that works on all your different websites.

Let's say you have your first website, let's call it Your 1 widget will work there, making your website look great. But then, you start more websites, like and Guess what? You can use the same embed code on these new websites too!

The widget will work its charm on all three websites, making them awesome: Learn How

Updated on: 09/09/2023

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