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With Token vs No Token

On our Facebook page events widget, you have the choice if you want to use a Facebook page access token or not. Here's the difference.

With token:

Events feed will update every hour.
Only the events your page has created or co-hosted will be displayed.
It can display all upcoming events that your page has created or co-hosted.
Starting and ending date&time of events will be displayed.
It will show past events from the last 3 months.

No token:

Events feed will update every 24 hours.
It can display up to 80 upcoming events and 80 recurring events only.
Events will be displayed even if your page did not create or co-hosted the events.
Only the first two events of recurring event will be displayed.
Only the event's starting date&time will be displayed consistently.
It will show upcoming events only.

Updated on: 08/28/2022

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