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How to reconnect your Facebook account in SociableKIT?

I'm going to show you how to reconnect your Facebook account in SociableKIT. Sometimes, Facebook disconnects your Facebook account for a different of reasons. It can be because they are upgrading their system in your area. They also do it to add security in your account.

Login to your SociableKIT account.
Go to Account > Disconnect Facebook section.
Click the Disconnect Facebook button.
Click the Connect button.
Give your permission. If needed, click "Edit Settings" to select your target Facebook pages.
Edit your SociableKIT widget.
Reselect your target Facebook page.
Click the Save changes button.

Note: If you still not able to see your Facebook page, you need to click the "Edit Settings" button and select your target Facebook page.

Updated on: 08/28/2022

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