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How to fully disconnect and reconnect your Facebook account?

If you cannot see your target Facebook page in the SociableKIT pop-up, you might need to fully disconnect and reconnect your Facebook account. Here's how:

The steps below have a video version. Watch it here.

Part 1
Login to SociableKIT dashboard.
On the sidebar, click Account > Connect Facebook
Click "Disconnect Facebook Account" button.

Part 2
Login to your Facebook account.
On the upper right corner, click the down arrow > Click Settings
On the sidebar, click "Business Integrations" menu.
Search for SociableKIT and click it.
On the pop up, scroll down a bit, click "Remove" button.
Check the "Delete posts..." checkbox.
Click "Remove" button. Click "Done" button and wait for it to reload.

Part 3
Go back to SociableKIT dashboard.
Click "Connect Facebook" button. It will redirect you to Facebook.
Click "Continue" button.
Click Select All if you have Instagram business accounts. Click"Next" button.
Click "Select All" to select all the Facebook page you administer. If this did not work, you need to click all your Facebook page manually.
Click "Next" button.
Make sure all options were set to "Yes". Click "Done" button.
Click "OK" button. It will redirect you back to SociableKIT dashboard.

Now you should see all the pages you approved to be used with SociableKIT. If you need further assistance, contact us here.

Updated on: 10/18/2021

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