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If you use our Business KITs, you can use any types of widget that you need for your website. Our Business KITs are designed specifically for businesses looking for advanced and effective solutions to boost website engagement and sales. Our servers work 2-4 times harder to retrieve the most complex and difficult-to-access data, putting the data you require at your fingertips and boosting the performance of your site. 

Here's a comprehensive list of our Business KIT widgets:

Enjoy Advanced Features

Get more from your subscription with our suite of premium features. Business KITs offer:
Automatic and Manual Moderation: Get granular control over your content, filtering what you want to show and what you'd rather hide.
Custom CSS: Personalize your widgets to match your brand and aesthetic.
API Access: Integrate our services deeper into your systems, giving you more control and flexibility.
Export Data to CSV: Easily extract your data for analysis and report generation.
Advanced User Management: Enjoy more control over your users, their permissions, and their experiences.
Views Analytics Dashboard: Understand your user engagement and interactions comprehensively.
Customized Pinned Posts: Highlight the most important content for your audience.
Collect User Submissions: Engage with your audience by collecting and showcasing their content.
Moderate User-Generated Content: Ensure the quality and appropriateness of content on your site.
Big Screens & Events Display: Showcase social media feeds during events or on large screens for maximum impact.

Priority Support
As a Business KITs subscriber, you'll be at the front line. Receive priority support to ensure your queries are answered promptly and your issues resolved swiftly.

Enhanced User Experience
By upgrading to Business KITs, you'll enhance the user experience on your website. Superior data, advanced features, and improved performance can lead to higher engagement and potentially increased sales.

Make the Switch Today
Switch to Business KITs and experience the difference. Leverage more views, superior features, and priority support to power your business to the next level. Invest in the success of your online presence today.

Have questions or need more information? We're here to help! Reach out to our dedicated support team anytime. Experience the power of Business KITs today.

Updated on: 08/29/2023

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