What is the Big screens & events display feature?

The Big Screens & Events Display feature - a remarkable addition to your feed that takes content viewing to a whole new level. With this innovative feature, you can now enjoy a web browser-based full-screen mode specifically designed for big screens and projectors, offering a captivating visual experience for all your events and gatherings.

This feature optimizes content presentation, ensuring it scales seamlessly on large screens, such as projectors, monitors, and smart TVs. Whether you're hosting corporate presentations, public gatherings, or social events, this feature guarantees an immersive and professional showcase of your feed's content.

With its ability to seamlessly adapt your feed's content to large screens and projectors, you can elevate any content or event into an unforgettable experience. Make your events truly memorable and captivate your audience like never before with the immersive Big Screens & Events Display feature.

Updated on: 07/19/2023

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