What is the Customize pinned posts feature?

Customize pinned posts is a powerful feature found within the "Content Aggregator" widget that offers users the ability to highlight and prioritize specific content in a feed. By selecting and pinning the most valuable or engaging posts, users can ensure that this content remains prominently displayed at the top of the feed.

This feature serves as an effective tool to showcase the best and most relevant content, enabling your site visitors to easily access and engage with the most important content within the feed.

In this article, we'll guide you on how to use the Customized pinned posts feature.

Go to your widget list. Select the Content Aggregator widget by clicking the Edit button.

On your Content Aggregator widget, click the Moderate user submission beside the Options button.

On the Submitted contents moderation popup, select the Approve tab, find the post that you want to pin and click the Pin post button on the post.

As seen below, the selected post is now displayed first on the feed. Pinned posts also have a pin icon on the upper right corner of the post that identifies it as a pinned post.

In conclusion, the Customize pinned posts feature provides a convenient way for users to curate and elevate the most significant content within a feed. By pinning important posts at the top, users are immediately drawn to the most relevant and valuable information. Whether it's highlighting important announcements, popular discussions, or noteworthy updates, the ability to customize pinned posts empowers users to showcase the cream of the crop content within their content aggregator.

Updated on: 02/21/2024

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