Why my events are not showing up?

There can be different reasons why your Facebook page events are not showing up. Below are the reasons why an event is not showing up, and what you can do about it.

Log in and connect your target Facebook page to SociableKIT.

Your event must be public.

Your Facebook page must be public. It must be published and visible to everyone. You may verify on the Settings section of your Facebook page.

Your Facebook page did not create or co-host the event. Your Facebook page must be the creator of the event. If your page did not create the event, your page must be a co-host of that event.

The Facebook page which created the event must be public. It can be viewed even in incognito window.

You are not using a page access token. When it comes to recurring events, only the first two events of the recurring event will show up if you do not use a page access token.

You did not enter a correct page access token. You must enter a correct page access token.

Your Facebook page ID and token does not match. Your Facebook page ID must match the one on your page access token. You may use the access token debugger to verify your page access token and page ID.

Updated on: 11/20/2023

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