How to use the Moderation features?

This article will guide you on how to use Moderation features, especially the Approve post feature that you can approve posts to display the posts you only approved into the widget. The Predefined search keyword feature will let you display certain content or posts with the predefined keyword that you input.

First, Let us guide you on how to use Approve posts feature:

On the Customization page, Click the Approve posts button.

Once you click the Approve posts button, The pop-up window will appear. Click the Approve button on the posts that you want only to display. You can select and approve multiple posts.

If you want to hide or remove certain posts on your widget. Click the Reject button. You can reject multiple posts as well.

Once you Approve a certain post, it will be saved and displayed on the widget automatically. Only the approved posts will be displayed, if you have a new post, it will not be displayed on the feed unless you Approve it.

Once you Reject a certain post, the post will now be hidden or removed and no longer be displayed on your widget.

You can check the changes you made by clicking Approve and Reject tab.

If you want to reset the approved or rejected posts you have on your widget, you can click the Reset moderation settings button and your posts will be back to the default with no filters applied.

Lastly is the Predefined search keyword.

Enter the predefined keyword from the content or posts that you want only to display on the widget.

For example on this widget, We input the keyword procurement.

After you input the keyword, Click the Saved changes button. The content or posts that have the word procurement will only be displayed on the widget. You can also use hashtags as your keyword, e.g., #cat or #dog.

If you need more help with the Moderation features, you can contact our support here.

Updated on: 05/29/2024

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