Unfortunately, SmugMug does not allow embed code. In order to use your widget feed, you will need to add a link from your SmugMug website.

To add a new link, please check these steps:

There are two panels in your Menu bar, Basic and Links. Go to the LINKS field.

Click the [ + ] sign to add a new link.

After adding a New Link, you'll need to name it. This is the text that appears on your menu bar as a clickable button.

Choose Custom URL to link to a page or website that isn't part of your SmugMug site.

To get the link:
Go to your SociableKIT widget feed dashboard > Embed on website button > Link > click the Copy button.

In the Custom URL:
Paste the link you copied in your widget feed dashboard.

The Open link on new tab must be turn ON.

Click the Preview button and then Publish. Done!

Source: https://school.smugmug.com/SmugMug-Tips/Menu-Bar-Builder

You can also visit our SmugMug tutorial here. Let us know if you need further assistance.
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