How to exclude the SociableKIT widget from JavaScript optimizers?

If you have noticed that your SociableKIT widget is not updating or not working properly on your webpage, it could be due to your webpage optimization. In such cases, you will need to exclude the widget from JavaScript optimization on your webpage.

Here's how to exclude the JavaScript embed code on LiteSpeed Cache(WordPress Plugin):

Go to your website builder admin dashboard. In this case, WordPress admin dashboard.

Find the cache plugin on your website. In this case, LiteSpeed Cache plugin.

On the LiteSpeed Cache, select the Page Optimization option.
Page Optimization:

In the Page Optimization, find the Tuning tab and select it.


Under the Tuning tab, paste the widget's JavaScript in the textboxes for JS Excludes and JS Deferred. Click the Save Changes once you have successfully added the widget's JavaScript.

JS Excludes and JS Deferred:

After excluding the widget's JavaScript, you will have to use the Purge All feature by clicking the LiteSpeed Icon which is found on the top part of your WordPress admin dashboard.

Purge All:

Once done, your SociableKIT widget will no longer be included in your webpage optimization and the widget will now work properly without any issues.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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