How does "Facebook page live video" widget works?

Here's how the Facebook page live video widget works.

Your live video must have a title or description.
If your page is live, the live video will be displayed.
SociableKIT can detect a live video in 1-5 minutes after you go live on Facebook.
If your page is not live, it will display this message: We are not live right now.
If your page is not live, and you checked the "Show latest video if not live" option, it will show your latest video.

Please note that it won't auto-play on phones. But there will be a Live status and a play button like this:

Once the user tapped the play button, it will play in full screen, with a Live broadcast label, like this:

That way, it is better for the user experience.

You need to follow the rules below as well.

You must be an admin of your target public Facebook page.
There must be no age and country restrictions on your Facebook page.
Your Facebook page must have at least 25 likes. This rule applies to some Facebook pages only.
Your live video must be set to public. You can edit this on the 'Audience Settings'.
Make sure your video can be embedded. You can enable this setting on Facebook before starting the live.

Updated on: 10/03/2022

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